Meet Angela and Joey, Investors with a track record:

We’re Angela and Joey, partners in marriage and business. We’re full-time real estate investors with 20 years of experience in buy and holds, STR cottage rentals, and BRRRRs. We work with partners across Canada to build cash-flowing portfolios with the driving force being to get the partner’s investment back to them within a year. We work in Quebec and Moncton and specialize in multi-family BRRRRs. 

You could say we make a great pair. With 17 years in real estate as a side gig and not-so-secret passion, Angela has recently retired from her 9-5 job as area Vice-President at Randstad to join Joey in their full-time real estate investing adventure. She brings her 15+ years of experience in leadership,  building and managing sales teams, hitting objectives and surpassing targets to the table.  Angela is currently in charge of the white-collar side of the business; from finding money and partners to setting up the systems that are allowing them to scale.


With over 20 years of experience in construction, renovations, restoration and facilities management,  Joey brings the brawn to the table. He also has an attention to detail that borders on perfection. His work is beautiful.  Joey is skilled in many areas, including remembering building codes and regulations.

We have an 8-year-old son, Charlie, and a spaniel, Mickey.


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Angela Dupuis and Joseph Sicurella

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Angela Dupuis and Joseph Sicurella

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