To get this sweet sweet deal which only had a month to close, we had to find a private lender. Thank lord for private lenders, especially ours, who is next level amazing. Next: we all know that finding an appraiser these days isn’t easy. The day before our appraisal, our guy was in an accident and asked to reschedule 3 weeks down the road. Now there are 4 appraisal companies in Moncton but we managed to find another one who was available the following day. Next, we needed an exit strategy because as much as we love private money, it’s expensive. We were fortunate to find another angel who was looking for extra monthly cash flow to supplement her mom’s pension and pouf! A new partnership is born. Next step: open a joint bank account, deposit the money needed for closing and renos. Who calls? The fraud department!! We sorted that out and they unfroze the account yesterday. Today, closing day, I go to send the bank draft to the lawyer and the manager comes out, examines my ID and is asking the teller if he really thinks it’s me? He doesn’t think so. She doesn’t look like her picture…ok he’s just joking. Then I ask for another bank draft and he scoffs, like I’m pushing my luck. After the manager left, I asked the teller if that is normal behaviour and he said that the manager is leaving soon so he’s a bit more relaxed. Thanks to our magical lawyer who makes the impossible possible, we closed today. At 5:06pm. Also props to our wholesaler who gave us a small window before sharing the deal with the world, which will never be forgotten. They say that real estate investing is a team sport. Thanks team, we made it happen!!

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